Evening classes and program

For the first time this year you can take Yoga classes, attend the castle choir or have other fun before enjoying dinner.
Later and with a glass in your hand the evening program with lectures, talks and filmscreenings will feed you brain while you can rest your feet in comfortable armchairs at the stunning old cinema in the barn…

Balboa Castle Camp 2016 - Balboa Castle Camp 2016 - Balboa Castle Camp 2016 -


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Balboa Castle Camps provides both outstanding classes and endless parties: it’s up to you if you want to dance each night until breakfast or go to bed ‘early’… There will be live music every night (seven nights in a row!) in our wonderful ballroom with an adjacent fully equipped bar to meet all your drinking needs. The charming bartenders will do their very best to please you with selfmade lemonades, regional beers and a fine selection of wine and liqueurs – with very affordable prices. The bar is open until you’ve had your last drink or the morning crew arrives; whichever happens first…
Close to the Bar there is also the sauna, so don’t be surprised to see someone in a towel running across the dance floor on their way to cool off in the ‘pool’ that is located in the courtyard.

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Gala Dinner

Dare to dress up (we are in a castle as a matter of fact!) and enjoy a glorious gala dinner in the beautifully decorated Ballroom with your new and old friends…

Balboa Castle Camp 2016 - Balboa Castle Camp 2016 - Balboa Castle Camp 2016 -

Motto Party

Please check out the extra drop down menu for this year’s festivities…

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