Days (Classes)

classes 1There are 3 tracks to choose from:
* The Balboa Track (4 levels)
* The Master’s Track (10 couples max.)
* The Special Track for Follows only: Learn to lead!

You will have 16 sessions (20 full hours of classes!) with our main teachers over the whole week.
NOTE: There are no classes for absolute Balboa beginners!
In order to attend the classes in this camp you need to know your Balboa and Bal-Swing basics.

classes 2Balboa Track

The Balboa track will be divided into three groups according to the experience and skill level of the participants: intermediate, intermediate-advanced and advanced.
As we know you want to enjoy the late night parties as long as possible you may sleep all morning: classes will start at noon. The classes take place in the beautiful ballroom and other light-flooded rooms in- and outside the castle. You might not even have to leave the house to get to the classrooms – you can therefore sleep as looong as possible… And as the teachers will reside at the castle as well there’s plenty of opportunities to get private lessons from them to get personal feedback on your dancing. And for whom that ain’t enough: there will be various evening classes held by our distinguished guest teachers to choose from…
All classes will be taught in English.

For Follows only: Learn leading!

We started this track last year and it was so successful that we absolutely want to keep going!
This track is designed for experienced Follows that are eager to learn the other role. You will finally learn leading in a small class – and therefore fast and efficient. You will enjoy training with other experienced dancers that already know how to follow! You will automatically receive a better understanding of both roles. And as you will be able to learn from your partners’ good and bad habits, you will also deepen your own following skills profoundly.
You will have enough time (a whole week of classes and social dancing!) to get confident as a lead on the dance floor. And you will finally be able to dance the whole night through whenever YOU want – and wherever you will be after the castle…

Master’s Trackclasses MT

With a maximum of 10 couples this track enables you to work with your dedicated partner in a small group with other high level dancers. The size of the class allows the teachers to give personal feedback to improve your dancing. You can request your participation in this track while registering but you will need a teacher to vouch four you.


Please state the level you want to participate in while registration. For attending the advanced level please let us know at least two previous attendees of the BCC dancing in the other role that can vouch for your ability to join that level. (If you want to join the masterclass for the first time please have one of our teachers vouch for you.)
If you see while the first day of classes that you are not content with your level you can let us know and we will see what we can do for you.
The groups you can register for will correspond to these levels – please choose wisely and be honest with yourself:

You know the Balboa and Bal-Swing Basics. You have been social dancing for at least a few months. You are comfortable with single and double time basics (up-/downhold basic), ad-libs, progression steps, paddle turns, comearound, lollies, out-and-ins and toss-outs.

You have been dancing Balboa on a regular basis for at least one year; dancing Balboa to fast tempos is easy for you. You have been experimenting with lots of fancy moves and have worked with syncopations and styling. This is not your first international Balboa workshop.

You have been social dancing Balboa a lot for at least two years, you have mastered most of the bal-moves out there and are eager to get into cutting edge complex movement patterns, refine you technique and work on your individual expression and creativity.