2nd Week(end)

partyThis year – instead of leaving on Friday to cry in your pillow – you can stay for another weekend (or a whole week!) at the castle. You can choose between a Balboa Praktika, the regular partnered Swing weekend workshop, or a Partypass at Swing Castle Camp:

Partnered Swing track
In the partnered Swing track you will be able to choose yourself what you want to learn from which teacher – and combine the different dance styles as you please… Even for the weekend!

Katja & Peter:
* Walking Charleston
* Peabody
* Vintage Foxtrot

Jenny & Christian:
* St Louis Shag & Jitterbug
* Collegiate shag
* After Seben style Lindy

Alba & Gas:
* Latin swing
* Slow Lindy
* Lindy in close position

Balboa Praktika
The Praktika weekend offers participants of the BCC – and others who have danced Balboa long enough to have a common repertoire – the possibility to practice what they have learned together with a dedicated partner.
You can only participate in the BCC Praktika if you sign up as a couple, as we won’t have rotation. (But you can of course take part with befriended couples and change partners amongst your group to see if you are able to lead and follow with different dancers as well…)
There won’t be any class material taught, yet our favorites Sanna & Adam will be available to be asked questions and give hints about how you could improve as a dancer.
As we have up to 30 couples, this is not going to be privates either. The focus is on learning yourself, yet have a teacher ready to support you in case you get stuck in a movement. And you can for sure also expect helpful feedback in case there is already some flow established between you and your partner…

You can sign up for the BCC Praktika as part of the Swing Castle Camp. The Praktika itself is free of charge for BCC participants, yet you still have to pay the weekend party pass (90€), food (105€) and the weekend accommodation (85€). Which sums up to 280€ in total.
Non BCC participants are asked to pay EUR 40 during checkin in addition to the weekend pass if they want to take part in the Praktika.

Praktika will be held Saturday and Sunday from 16:15 until 18:45, so you can enjoy 5 hours of intense practice time with your dedicated partner.
As you will only be practicing in the afternoon, you can party hard and sleep in – or take part in the partnered swing classes taught in the morning! (Please check the partnered swing options or see above…)

And the best is: We will have a Balboa dance floor in the Gallery Saturday and Sunday night! But you can also show off in the Ballroom with your freshly acquired skills…

Entire Swing Castle Camp
And if all this ain’t enough: Stay the whole week, with classes or parties or both, and get the Castle Camps Special Deal (25€ discount)…