2nd Week(end)

partyThis year – instead of leaving on Friday to cry in your pillow – you can stay for another weekend (or a whole week!) at the castle. You can choose between a Balboa Praktika, the regular partnered Swing weekend workshop, or a Partypass at Swing Castle Camp:

Partnered Swing track
In the partnered Swing track you will be able to choose yourself what you want to learn from which teacher – and combine the different dance styles as you please… Even for the weekend!

Katja & Peter:
* Walking Charleston
* Peabody
* Vintage Foxtrot

Jenny & Christian:
* St Louis Shag & Jitterbug
* Collegiate shag
* After Seben style Lindy

Alba & Gas:
* Latin swing
* Slow Lindy
* Lindy in close position

Entire Swing Castle Camp
And if all this ain’t enough: Stay the whole week, with classes or parties or both, and get the Castle Camps Special Deal (25€ discount)…